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Ground-Air Heat Exchanger Plus Mechanical Ventilation System


The Ground-Therm VENTIFLEX PLUS system consists of flexible ventilation ducts, plenum boxes, distribution boxes and additional elements ensuring easy installation of a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system.

source.image: Ground-Therm Sp. z o.o.

The VENTIFLEX system ducts can be easily hidden in the screed, ceilings or under the plaster. In contrast to traditional installations using galvanized pipes, the material which the VENTIFLEX system is made of is fully corrosion resistant.Watch the video from Ground-Therm Sp. z o.o.:

The modular system of ventilation fittings is a versatile set of plastic elements, which can be used to assemble any type of plenum box or distribution box (manifold) in a “minute”. The connections between the fittings are airtight and connection spigots fit perfectly into the ventilation ducts.


A ground-coupled heat exchanger is an underground heat exchanger that can capture heat from and/or dissipate heat to the ground. They use the Earth’s near constant subterranean temperature to warm or cool air or other fluids for residential, agricultural or industrial uses. If building air is blown through the heat exchanger for heat recovery ventilation, they are called earth tubes.