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Gyroscope Stabilized 2-Wheeled Toy Gyrocar

A gyrocar is a two-wheeled automobile. The difference between a bicycle or motorcycle and a gyrocar is that in a bike, dynamic balance is provided by the rider, and in some cases by the geometry and mass distribution of the bike itself, and the gyroscopic effects from the wheels.(wikipedia).

image/text credit: Okki Moeljadi

The gyroscopic effect is one of those scientific magics which is incredibly captivating and yet not widely understood. In modern usage gyroscopes are used extensively in professional photography equipment and scientific equipment for their ability to provide a stable orientation and resist movement caused by outside forces.

This is my first attempt to build gyro-stabilized system for 2-inline-wheeled platform. I use model steam engine flywheel for the gyroscope, door hinge as steering unit and wheels from inline skates.I’m planning to add some motors for active gyro controlling, forward-backward motion and steering.



At this point this thing would not stand by itself for a long period of time. I need to add an active gyro control system.The gyroscope natural movement (swing) you see on video is the precession. By actively control the gimbal (manipulating precession), maybe I can get better stability.