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Halluc IIx Multi-Motored Robot With 56 Motors

The concept of Halluc II, model 2 of the Hallucigenia project, is a future vehicle that can co-exists with natural environment.via: fuRomovie

source/image: fuRomovie

It features a newly developed ultra-multi-motored system with 56 motors, which makes traveling on unpaved surfaces possible and eliminates the need for paving.

It transforms into three modes: vehicle, insect, and animal mode. The fusion of humanoid robot technologies and automobile technologies realized the unprecedented mobility of Halluc II.


Although Halluc II has been demonstrated worldwide, for example at DESIGN INDABA in South Africa, Ars Electronica in Australia and Miraikan in Japan, this is the world premiere of the newest creation of the Hallucigenia project, called Halluc IIχ.//fuRomovie

Concept and Design: Shunji Yamanaka (L.E.D)System Design and Engineering: fuRo (Future Robotics Technology Center) at Chiba Institute of Technology.