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Hand Made 200cc Powered Drift Trike


One of the most attractive Creations of our collection is the one with the number 0119 and it is called Make it Extreme Drift Trike.A Drift trike is a vehicle especially made for drifting and providing to the driver an unbelievable experience as well as lots of fun.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

Initially, we cut two PVC tubes which are placed at the external perimeter of the two wheels at the back of our trike and their role is to slide on the road so that the vehicle will be able to drift easily without needing to exert great power from the engine. However, we put a machine of 200cc which is very strong for such a vehicle.

Our vehicle has 5 gears, from which the one is the reverse. Using the tubes and our imagination, we managed to make our creation’s framework. The frontal wheel that we placed is quite big compared to the ones at the back and we took it from a motorbike.


Finally, we painted our vehicle in orange colour as all the other vehicles by the make it extreme team. The experience you get driving it is amazing as it gives you a rush of adrenaline and the sense of happiness driving it is unforgettable.//Make it Extreme

VIAMake it Extreme
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