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Hand Made DIY Transparent Hybrid Rocket Engine


How to build a transparent hybrid rocket engine using acrylic rod and a canister of oxygen, with a breakdown of how various other types of rocket engines work along the way. The rocket uses a solid acrylic tube as both its body and fuel source.

source/image: NightHawkInLight

When oxygen is introduced the tube ignites from the inside, and the reaction is channeled through a graphite nozzle. The tutorial below shows the materials you’ll need and steps to get you started. Now, building a rocket engine isn’t exactly rocket science anymore.

The rocket engine starts nicely, and even better, the intensity of the burn can be controlled via the amount of oxygen provided.Youtuber NightHawkInLight uses an thick acrylic rod as both the housing and the fuel for the rocket, while a supply of oxygen acts as the oxidizer.


Hybrid rockets avoid some of the disadvantages of solid rockets like the dangers of propellant handling, while also avoiding some disadvantages of liquid rockets like their mechanical complexity.Because it is difficult for the fuel and oxidizer to be mixed intimately, hybrid rockets tend to fail more benignly than liquids or solids./wikipedia

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