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Hand Made Elliptical Pool Table Where The Ball Always Goes In


Mathematicians have always been fond of billiards and the card games. They often try and modify these games for their own enjoyment. They have made mathematical models in Billiards on how to get a cannon and a hole regardless of the position of the two balls on the surface of the table.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

But, how far can they go to show off their ability with numbers? This pool table has been designed by a mathematician such that the ball can only get inside the hole at a particular point present on the table. Here is the explanation of the mathematical application of a certain design:

The Q quite cleverly adapted the game so that every ball would sink at any time. He first cut the pool table into an elliptical shape, angled the table at a strategic degree, marked a spot for the ball, and then sunk every shot he made without fail.


Not great at pool? Well maybe you’re just playing on the wrong table. Forget about the rectangle thing and upgrade to an elliptical where the math is on your side.So, the balls get inside the hole irrespective of any direction you hit it. Of course if you hit too hard, it will bounce off the hole. The right kind of force is also necessary. So, now you have the concept, can you make it?//The Q

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