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Hand Made Flying Millyard 5 Litre V Twin Motorcycle Engine


This is the first test run of my 5 litre V Twin engine based on two Pratt & Whitney R1340 aircraft cylinders, all other parts are hand made including the crankshaft, con rods and crankcase wooden moulds, the crankcases were then cast in aluminium.

source/image(PrtSc): Allen Millyard

The engine runs a dry sump with twin pumps, twin SU carbs, points ignition with manual advance / retard and twin plugs per head.A majority of the components, including the crankshaft, aluminum cast crankcase, and con rods were handmade by Millyard.

A four-speed hand shift gearbox and the bike’s eight foot wheelbase is plenty of length to keep it all under control.The giant engine on the motorcycle is running on twin SU carburetors, twin spark plugs per cylinder, and a one gallon tank and a dry sump oil system with dual pumps .


This is the first test run of the Flying Millyard bike. The engine was made around a pair of Pratt & whitney aircraft cylinders and has a 5 3/4 inch bore and 5 3/4 inch stroke.

Lubrication is dry sump with a 1 gallon tank integral with the petrol tank. Wheel base is 8 ft and the overall height is 4 ft to the bars. A four speed hand shift gearbox is geared for 120mph @ 2000 rpm in top.//Millyard.

VIAAllen Millyard
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