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Hand Made Motorized Tank Chair Make it Extreme

Initially, we made a metallic base, on which we screwed the differential braking transmission that we created in a previous video (0106). On this metallic framework, we placed a110cc four stroke engine. Completing the rest of the framework, we put two levers, one for the right hand and one for the left hand. Pulling the left lever, the vehicle turns left while pulling the right lever the vehicle turns right.

source/image: Make it Extreme

Additionally, at the centre of our structure, we adjusted a chair that was modified according to our vehicle. In this way, we made a Tank Chair.After many days of work and making and collecting all the pieces apart of the engine the outcome satisfies us a lot.

Aesthetically, the chain-linked chair meets our taste as well as functionally is perfect as we did not need to make any modifications. Regarding the noisiness that is provided by our vehicle, it is caused by the evaporation that we made out of stainless steel 304.


In conclusion, despite our vehicle’s heavy weight and relatively small motor, it moves really well and fast providing to its driver a very good sense and experience. Also, the rubber crawlers enable our vehicle to move silently with reduced vibrations.