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Handmade Bicycle-Motorcycle Sachs “Phantom” 1913

This is entirely handmade bicycle-motorcycle “Phantom” 1913 motorcycle engine with Fichtel & Sachs, 120cc, 2,5 horsepower. Moving is with leather lanyard and is with tires 26×2.35. Motorcycle has a carbid lampe “Nirona” brakes are lever systems and also has many specific details, most of which are made of brass.

source/image: Momchil Kotcev

There is an opportunity to move both as a bicycle, so and as motorcycle.Ernst Sachs was an avid and competitive cyclist. Having apprenticed as a toolmaker and later earning experience as a watchmaker and mechanic, he had plenty of ideas regarding re-engineering parts of the bicycle.

By the end of the 1910s,Fichtel & Sachs employed several thousand people and had become one of the largest ball bearing manufacturers in Europe.


Along with the bearings and a significant bicycle parts business, the firm had entered into small-engine production, typically the type fitted to motorized bicycles and small-bore motorcycles.