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Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorcycle Test Ride

Harley plugs into consumers for feedback on its new electric motorcycle prototype. Cycle World get a first chance to test ride the Harley LiveWire.The LiveWire was pretty impressive for its day.

Capable of 0 to 60 in under four seconds and a top speed of nearly 100 miles per hour — but the 55-mile range (33 in a high-performance mode) along with the 3.5-hour charging time made it a little less versatile than a traditional gasoline motorcycle.

Presumably, Harley will use the next few years to engineer a newer, better powertrain that offers more range and quicker charging.Start up procedure goes like this: thumb the right bar-mounted rocker switch to On, which brings the display to life.


Then select one of two modes, either Range or Power, then hit the “start” button which activates the longitudinally mounted three-phase AC motor, which is rated at 74 horsepower and 52 pound-feet of peak torque.