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Harley Davidson Quad and Trike from Q-Tec Engineering

Q4 Quad Concept – the Ultimate QUAD – By implementing both our frontend and backend units, we can transform your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle into the most exclusive and ultimate Quad the world has seen. The concept is only available from Q-Tec engineering and patented globally.

source/image: digitalbiker

Both the Quad and the Trike variations are street legal and certified to the highest European standards and have been awarded European Type Approval. All variations can be driven with a standard car driving license and do not require a specific motorcycle license.

The suspension can be adjusted for both ride height and all of the normal geometry settings plus, the whole assembly requires no permanent changes to the bike, no drilling or welding is involved, it can be removed later if desired.


You can return the bike to original configuration and install the parts on another bike. Full conversion takes less than one day.

Handling of a Q-Tec is incomparable to other Trike and Quad vehicles in the market. Due to its innovative design and engineering, it performs and handles extremely well and yields a high level of safety and comfort even at high speeds.