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Have You Ever Seen A Dog Riding A Bike By Himself?

We know that dogs are capable of performing thousands of reality defying tricks, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this! Of all the things in the world, we’d never think we’d see a dog riding a bike on his own!Even humans find that challenging!They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Norman the pup may have the best dog trick ever when he demonstrates riding a bike.

image/credti: Science Channel 

Norman is above normal! He is absolutely extraordinary! You have to see this. In just four short years, the over-achieving French sheepdog has learned how to surf, skateboard, and ride a bike – and he even holds a Guinness world record for the fastest 30-meter scooter ride by a canine.

Since then Karen has helped train Norman, a breed of French herding dog, to pedal himself on a bike.’That took him a lot longer to perfect,’ she said. ‘He had to actually build up all the muscles in his legs in order to gain the power to push the pedals.’


News of Norman’s talents quickly spread and he now regularly appears on US TV, and is invited to a myriad of parties and events across the USA.’We recently attended an event at the Super Bowl and now we’re off to Mardi Gras’, said Karen.