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Haven Lockdown – The Strongest & Smartest Door Security System


Haven Lock, a security company based in Nashville Tennessee, is proud to announce Haven Lockdown, an integrated suite of locks that detects and prevents an active intrusion into a classroom. The system can be controlled at the touch of a button from a key fob, app, or dashboard enabling schools to lockdown instantly./Haven Lock

source/image(PrtSc): Haven Lock

Haven Lockdown has a unique wedge design and door mount that enables it to last 10 times longer than a conventional lock against an intrusion attempt at the door. It is mounted directly on a classroom door and can be easily locked and unlocked, especially in case of an emergency.read more: Haven Lock

Lockdown is made of military grade components that were hand-selected for strength and longevity. The lock is able to absorb the force of an intrusion attempt by redistributing the energy across the door during an attack. Protecting the door against an active threat will give both teachers and students peace of mind.


Haven Lockdown can be controlled in a variety of ways. The lock can be controlled manually via a locking hand lever and unlocking pull cord. Lockdown Pro, the smart lock version, allows teachers or administrator to control the lock via a smartphone app, key fob, a computer dashboard, and a wall-mounted egress button.