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Her DIY Camper Van Home On Wheels


Join Mary on an intimate tour of her home on wheels and discover how she transformed a simple van into a cozy, functional living space. As a solo female traveler, she provides insightful tips on safety, simplicity, and the joys of mobile living. Explore Mary’s kitchen setup with a converted island, efficient water system, and open shelving, all designed to make cooking on the road as comfortable as possible.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

She discusses her choice of appliances, including a gas stove and a cooler, and shares her plans to upgrade to a fridge.Discover how Mary manages her power needs with solar panels and batteries, ensuring she stays charged and connected no matter where she is.

The garage area is a testament to her resourcefulness, housing everything from a camp stove to essential tools and extra supplies.Hear about Mary’s transition from a nurse living in Arizona to embracing a nomadic lifestyle.


She shares the inspiration behind choosing van life, the process of downsizing, and the freedom it brings to her adventurous spirit.Mary discusses the importance of trust in your intuition, the safety measures she takes while on the road, and how having her dog, Phoebe, adds a sense of security and companionship.