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Her Inspiring DIY Functional Build Van


Welcome to Molly’s inspiring van life journey! Growing up, Molly traveled extensively with her dad, experiencing some of the happiest moments of her childhood on the road. Despite facing a permanent disability—blindness in one eye and a degenerative retinal disease—Molly has found healing and rediscovery through van life. In this detailed tour of her van, Molly shares how she has adapted her space to suit her needs and passions. Follow along as she takes you through her kitchen, living area, bedroom, and more.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Molly loves cooking, and her kitchen is designed to be both functional and stylish. Featuring an induction cooktop, a large sink with an extendable nozzle, and multiple stages of water filtration, this kitchen is perfect for preparing meals on the road. With plenty of storage for pantry items, pots, pans, and even an air fryer, Molly’s kitchen proves that small spaces can be incredibly efficient. The living area, with its L-shaped couch, is perfect for hosting guests or relaxing with a book and coffee. Molly’s couch also doubles as additional storage and a pull-out bed, showcasing the multifunctionality essential to van life.

The wallpaper and décor give the space a warm, feminine touch, making it a cozy spot to unwind. Molly’s bedroom, which doubles as her office, is a marvel of space utilization. With upper cabinets for clothes, a monitor for work, and a bed that converts from a dinette, Molly has created a comfortable and practical living space. The heating system ensures that even in colder weather, everything stays warm and functional.


A standout feature of Molly’s van is the full stand-up shower and Nature’s Head composting toilet. The bathroom, with its tiled walls and adjustable shower head, provides the comfort and convenience of home. Molly’s thoughtful design ensures she never has to search for facilities while on the road. The van’s exterior is painted with Raptor liner, a textured paint that stands up to tight forest roads and adventurous travel. The roof rack holds 400 watts of solar panels, an antenna, and additional storage for camping and outdoor gear, making it perfect for extended off-grid living.