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Her Sailboat Tiny Home Solo sailor Life


Welcome aboard! Join Bennie as she guides you through her cherished boat—a haven where practicality meets adventure. This tour explores every nook of her sailing home, which has traversed the Atlantic and now rests peacefully in a marina. The boat is adorned with mahogany planks from Honduras, chosen specifically for their resistance to mold compared to fiberglass or aluminum boats.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Equipped with a gimballed stove to keep meals steady despite the ocean’s sway, and connected to a fiberglass propane tank for rust-free longevity. Although currently hooked to marina amenities like shore power and fresh water, Bennie plans to install a water maker using reverse osmosis to provide clean drinking water when sea-bound.

The saloon doubles as a cozy living room with a convertible berth for guests, reflecting the dual functionality essential in tiny living spaces. Bennie’s favorite feature is surprisingly the gimballed stove in the galley—a cherished element that ensures a spill-free cooking experience, no matter the sea conditions.


The boat is equipped with both modern navigation systems and traditional celestial navigation resources, ensuring safety and direction regardless of circumstances. A UPZ 600 watt power station backed by solar panels offers a sustainable energy solution, essential for long voyages and life off-grid. Emphasizing the importance of giving back, a portion of proceeds from his power station goes to communities without electricity, aligning with his values of support and sustainability.