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Her Self Built $10k Tiny Home


Welcome to the world of Grandpa Pearl, a van uniquely tailored for its owner, Katya. Meticulously crafted, it’s a blend of functionality and personal style. Katya invites you to explore her special mobile home, a true labor of love.Katya’s kitchen is a marvel of efficiency and design. Stocked with necessary utensils and neatly arranged dishes, the space is optimized for ease and accessibility.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Though currently without a fridge, a simple cooler does the job, complementing her camping stove setup. The modified window, now a signature element of her kitchen, offers a distinctive cooking experience.

The tile work, Katya’s first venture into tiling, adds a sense of personal accomplishment to the space. Katya has created a bedroom that is more than just a place to sleep; it’s a sanctuary. Each piece of wood and decorative item has its own tale, filling the room with memories and meaning.


Katya balances her work as an environmental consultant with various entrepreneurial endeavors. From selling handmade shark tooth necklaces to engaging with her social media followers on Instagram and YouTube (check out her channel, Tropical Russian), she is the epitome of a dynamic digital nomad. Equipped with external batteries and a new solar panel, Grandpa Pearl is ready for off-grid adventures. Katya’s ingenuity is evident in her smart storage solutions, including creatively designed spaces for shoes, toiletries, and crafts.