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Here Is How To Stop Car Windows From Steaming Up

How to Defog your Car Windows, Learn how to defog your windows. I test RainX and home remedies to see what works best. I use RainX, shaving cream, baby shampoo, potatoes, and hand sanitizer to see which ones really work to defog your windshield.

image/text credit: ChrisFix 

For SCUBA diving, I use baby shampoo and old timers mention potatoes, but I think I will be using shaving cream for now on!Sectioning off his driver’s side window into five sections with tape.

Chris applied a defogger in one section, shaving cream in another, baby lotion, hand sanitizer and even a potato to the glass.Once Chris steamed up the window, he was able to see which product worked best.


The potato, baby lotion and hand sanitizer were ineffective and worked horribly. The defogger product worked as promised, but it was the shaving cream that actually worked the best!