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Here’s Why the 2017 Ford GT Is Worth $500,000

When Ford finally decided to rerelease the Ford GT, it came as a delightful surprise to many.However, as the details started to spill out a little bit, some folks decided that they weren’t happy with what they were seeing while others, well they decided to wait and see how it would all pan out.

image credit: Doug DeMuro

Slapping a V6 in an application that has always been a V8 since the beginning of time was a bold move by Ford, even though the 6-cylinder EcoBoost Engine would be accompanied by a pair of turbos.

image credit: Doug DeMuro

However, now we get to see if it will actually pay off and personally, I have to say that the results of Ford’s efforts look to be quite promising.


Check out the video below that goes into detail about why he thinks that the For which still remains to see a price tag could be worth every dollar of the anticipated $500,000 MSRP.

After checking this thing out with Doug, in detail, and from all of the other news that you’ve seen out there about the GT, do you think of the car is really worthy of such a large amount of money that overshadows most houses here in United States?