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Here’s Why The Ford GT Is Worth $400,000!

When you look at the Ford GT on the surface, it’s a really cool car and has some pretty good power lurking underneath of the rear hatch.

image credit: Doug DeMuro

However, a closer look will reveal a very impractical car with some hardcore inconvenient quirks and a part or two shared with the Ford Focus, surprisingly enough.

image credit: Doug DeMuro

Now, we get that supercars and sports cars alike aren’t built to be practical, but what on Earth has bolstered this car to be worth an astonishing $400,000 when it retailed for about a quarter of that 11 years ago?


In this one, we dive into a Ford GT to see exactly what it’s like to be behind the wheel of the American supercar and drive it around town on a regular basis.

Check out the video below that attempts to take a stab at the GT as a whole to explain the aura around the sports car that could have just become another old Ford if things went differently.We’re glad that they didn’t and the car has been able to become the icon that it is!