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Here’s Why the Ugly Pontiac Aztek Is Becoming Cool

The Pontiac Aztek is considered one of the ugliest cars ever made — and yet, it’s becoming sort of cool. I’m reviewing a 2005 Pontiac Aztek to show you why the Aztek is cooler than you think.Naturally, this unusual styling ensured it was quickly picked on by virtually every automotive outlet.

image/text credit:  Doug DeMuro

Pontiac rushed to its defense, removing all the cladding by the 2002 model year and changing around the wheel styles — but the damage was done, and the Aztek had secured its reputation as an unfortunate, unattractive, bizarre SUV-ish thing.

image/text credit:  Doug DeMuro

Once considered absolutely ridiculous — is starting to become more accepted as car designs (and, especially, SUV designs) become a little more “out there.”

image/text credit:  Doug DeMuro

But it isn’t just the growing acceptance of unusual styling that’s making the Aztek “cool.” The Aztek was also just wildly versatile, in a way that modern cars are once again trying to replicate. Consider this: The Aztek offered a tent.


You could park your Aztek wherever you wanted to camp, set up the tent — which attached to its wheel well and roof rails, along with stakes in the ground like a normal tent — and then your car was part SUV and part campsite. The Aztek also had an inflatable bed designed to fit inside the cargo area and the tent.

And the rear area even had optional speakers so you could listen to music in your tent, or simply with the rear hatchback lifted up if you were at the beach or maybe a drive-in movie.