Home WORLD High-Speed Slicer For Pulk Pepperoni,Bulk Bacon & Chesse Slicing, Up To 2000rpm

High-Speed Slicer For Pulk Pepperoni,Bulk Bacon & Chesse Slicing, Up To 2000rpm



This high speed involute blade slicer can also be equipped with a UB (universal belt) portioning system. Products like pepperoni and bacon can be sliced at speeds up to 2000rpm and up to 450mm wide. For example 10 x 45mm pepperoni single layler or 2 x stricky or back bacon at a time.

image/text credit: TEXTOR Slicer

Capable of delivering high volumes of perfect meat and cheese slices in a wide variety of on-weight presentations, the TS700 is as simple to operate, as it is to clean. The TS700 will help you increase throughput and yields, while simultaneously reducing product waste What’s more, the open design helps turn would-be sanitation time into valuable production hours.

You cant see the blades rotating at high speed, but you can see that the salami is evenly sliced ​​by early work not even in the eyes when you look closely. I do not get tired of seeing how salami goes out one after another.


TS500 circular blade slicer processing various cheeses like guada and emmental. 2 products of 100x100mm are sliced at the same time at a speed of 600rpm and a slice thickness of approx. 1,5mm. You’ll see various typical jumbo-portions (Catering/family size portions).

– 500g shingle with 25 slices/portion
– 1000g shingle with 66 slices/portion
– 500g stack with 25 slices/portion

The video also shows the fully automatic portion completion. Incomplete portions of one log are completed with the missing slices from he next cheese log.