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Hitch Hotel Traveler Telescoping Camper Trailer


Engineered to be light and durable, the Hitch Hotel is hand built and tested to meet our quality standards.Powder coated frame assembly. 10″ wheels with radial tires rated at 80 mph.Transporting the Hitch Hotel couldn’t be easier. With the light-weight framework, aerodynamic housing and compact design, it’s perfect for any adventure.

source/image(PrtSc): Gil Goren

All Hitch Hotels are built to be watertight and secure so that you and your valuables are protected from the elements.When expanded, the Hitch Hotel provides enough room for two or more adults to comfortably sleep in a vented and spacious interior.The radial tires are rated at speeds up to 80 mph (129 km/h).

The addition of the trailer means small sedans can pull the Hitch Hotel. You can park the trailer, disconnect it from the hitch, and expand it. At camp, the Traveler is still the same as the Classic, expanding out the back to accommodate two to three campers. It relies on legs to fold out and support the extended structure and small wheels to make maneuvering easier.


In a few minutes, the interior stretches to a spacious 135 cubic feet of living space.A full-size cargo door at the rear guarantees easy access to your essentials. This ultra-compact footprint also means it’ll fit neatly into almost any garage. The insidefeatures a 12V overhead light and a USB charging port. An exhaust fan and two vented windows also help maintain a comfortable interior.//Gil Goren

VIAGil Goren
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