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HKC Xplorer Innovative Camper Trailer


The Xplorer is the most versatile and innovative camper trailer we’ve ever made. With its modular interior fitout, easy-access integrated staircase (patent pending) and optional intelligently-designed rooftop tent and 270° awning, this camper trailer is an absolute pleasure to use and can be set up or packed down by one person in under five minutes.

source/image(PrtSc): Hardkorr

It’s also capable of being used as a tradie trailer during the week. The roof can hold up to 350kg of weight, there are integrated tie down points all the way along, and if you’ve fitted our modular camp kitchen or pantry, these can be easily removed to reveal a total of around 3,900L of usable storage.

There are slotted dividers to allow you to hang your own equipment or install custom storage/shelving solutions, and the integrated staircase is convenient for accessing your roof load.


Equally capable of being used as both a camper trailer and a tradie trailer, and can easily be converted from one to the other whenever you need to thanks to its modular fitout. Setup and pack-down can be completed in under five minutes, and with its unique integrated staircase (patent pending) the Xplorer is accessible to almost anyone regardless of age or physical condition.