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Join John, Danielle, Abraham, and Axel on an incredible tour of their unique 40-foot school bus conversion, affectionately named “Crusty.” Converted over two years with dedication and while embracing a new family addition, this bus is a testament to the couple’s desire for a life unbound by conventional expectations. Dive into their story and explore every corner of their transformed home on wheels.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Inside, the bus boasts a fully functional kitchen with an 8-foot butcher block countertop where Danielle and John prepare daily meals using a three-burner stove. Unlike typical homes, every aspect of “Crusty” is designed with care and style, evidenced by the charming nautical theme and practical setups like the deep sink and thoughtfully placed cabinets. Beyond the kitchen, the bus features a dinette area that doubles as a homeschooling spot for Abe.

This space showcases a stunning river table handcrafted by Danielle’s mother, bringing a piece of family heritage onto the road. The living area is equipped with an 8-foot recycled leather futon, offering comfort and functionality as it converts into additional sleeping space. Their bathroom includes a handmade copper sink from Morocco and a composting toilet that meets their needs perfectly. The children’s room features submarine bunk beds, echoing John’s Coast Guard days, complete with playful netting and wave wallpaper to spark imagination.


“Crusty” is equipped with a robust solar system that powers their daily needs, including an RV AC unit that cools most of the bus effectively. Their water system includes a 100-gallon tank stored under the bed, illustrating the bus’s blend of practicality and deep consideration for sustainability. A Platform for Jewelry Business. Not just a home, “Crusty” also serves as a mobile base for their jewelry business, Parking Lot Pirates. The exterior features a stunning octopus mural symbolizing intelligence and resilience, attributes that resonate deeply with the family’s lifestyle.