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Homemade Mini Wood Stove For Camping


I made a more advanced firewood stove for camping this winter. By adding an additional room at the bottom, it can serve as an air chamber for primary air supply and an ash tray.Secondary combustion was implemented by adding an air mixer to the rear of the main combustion chamber.

source/image(PrtSc): Camping Together

So during the test, I could see a fire storm going across the firebox from the rear to the front.Fire and heat travel to the upper part of the front of the stove and pass through the upper firebox to escape through the flue.Watch the video from Camping Together:

This stove provides a wider combustion space, and can maximize the amount of heat generated by implementing primary and secondary combustion.Heat-resistant glass is installed on the side of the stove to illuminate the surroundings and dissipate a greater amount of heat.


However, as thin materials are used as fireboxes, special attention is required, and the walls need to be reinforced with thicker materials.I would like to inform you that this stove is a concept stove for testing to develop a better stove.Disclaimer: Using a stove in a confined space can be very dangerous. When using a stove, be sure to ventilate properly and be prepared for fire or other safety accidents. I am not responsible for any loss or injury caused by carelessness.//Camping Together

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