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Homemade Smallest Micro Drill In The World


The smallest homemade micro drill in the world. Hello friends. There’s not much writen about how it works.Today I will show you a homemade micro drill. This is the smallest electric drill. This idea came to me a very long time ago.

source.image: Serengy Technology

I accidentally came across a micro motor from a camera and I immediately set to work to surprise you once again. I made all the details by hand. Watch the video from Serengy Technology:

I made the body of the drill from organic glass. I used hand tools for making. Various files and dremel. It turned out to be a very cool drill.


The motor is a ‘pager motor’ without the vibrating weight, then a small tactile button is used to activate the motor. and a battery.Fully functional.You can drill On any surface with this smallest drill machine.