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Homesteading In A Eco-Friendly Tiny House


Join Patrick and Lenka as they give you a tour of their alternative, eco-friendly tiny house in New Zealand. Built with love, creativity, and an eye for sustainability, this tiny home is a testament to living large while keeping it small. Let’s explore every corner!

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Their kitchen is the heart of their home, boasting ample space for cooking and baking. It’s unique with a large sink, an induction stovetop, and a surprising amount of storage. The water from their sink contributes to a worm farm outside, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.

Their bathroom might be small, but it’s all they need. Featuring a dry toilet and a compact shower, we prioritize eco-friendly living and space-saving solutions. Their living space is versatile, acting as a dining room, bedroom, and lounge area. With custom-built furniture and a focus on utility, they’ve created a cozy area that meets all their needs. The wood-burning stove adds warmth and ambiance, making it the perfect spot for chilly evenings.


Climb up to their loft bedroom, a spacious area for just the two of them. It’s not just a place to sleep; it’s a window to beautiful sunsets, mountains, and our beloved garden. With an environmental chemistry and mechanical engineering background, their passionate about sustainability. Their home reflects our eco-friendly ethos, from the worm farm wastewater system to the solar panels that power their life.