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Honda Element As a Tiny Home 6 Years Of Car Living


Meet Rosa, a resilient and resourceful individual who has embraced the art of living minimally and adventurously in her Honda Element for the past six years. In this enlightening video, Rosa shares her journey from working multiple jobs to making a bold decision to live on the road. She reveals her thought process behind choosing the Honda Element, a car praised for its suitability for compact living, and walks you through the practicalities and challenges of car life.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

From her functional cooking setup featuring a Coleman two-burner stove to her unique bed that doubles as a couch, Rosa’s ingenuity in maximizing a small space is remarkable. She delves into the clever storage solutions she’s employed, including a pantry area she plans to improve, and illustrates how every inch of space in her car has been thoughtfully utilized.

Despite the confines of her car, Rosa highlights the importance of getting outside and exploring, an ethos central to her lifestyle choice. She also shares practical tips for living comfortably in a small space, like her window shades for privacy and her innovative rear hatch release for safety and convenience.


Rosa’s story is not just about living in a car; it’s about the freedom and self-discovery that come with this lifestyle. She discusses her work journey, from seasonal jobs in national parks to gig work and eventually starting a YouTube channel. Her approach to power needs is refreshingly simple, relying on public spaces for her electricity requirements.Finally, Rosa offers sage advice to those considering a similar lifestyle. She emphasizes the feasibility of starting with any vehicle and gradually working your way up, if desired../Tiny Home Tours