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Honda Honda NeuV Mini Electric Concept Car


The Honda NeuV is an EV commuter concept model equipped with Honda’s AI technology, “Honda Automated Network Assistant,” with self-driving capabilities. It determines the driver’s stress level from facial expressions and voice tones to support safe driving, and by learning the driver’s lifestyle and preferences, provides suggestions to the driver according to the situation, realizing natural communication between driver and mobility.

source/image(PrtSc): Honda

The NeuV also explores the possibilities of mobility through autonomous driving technology and AI, such as autonomous car-sharing use, with permission from its owner, when it is not being used.

There’s 55 kW motor at the rear, getting its juice from a 20 kWh battery pack chargeable via a 6.6 kW bi-directional wireless charging pad located under the cabin’s floor.The range was mentioned as 100-200 miles.


The NeuV proposes new value for its owner by functioning as an automated ride-sharing vehicle, picking up and dropping off customers at local destinations when the owner is not using the car. The vehicle can also sell energy back to the electric grid during times of high demand when it’s not in use.