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Horex Imperator 1955 392cc Two Cylinder


The Horex Imperator was the only series-produced motorcycle with a two-cylinder four-stroke engine and OHC valve control that Horex-Werke KG, Fritz Kleemann, built in Bad Homburg after the war.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

The parallel two-cylinder with overhead camshaft was developed under the direction of chief engineer Hermann Reeb, who had already developed the 600cc and 800cc engines for the S 6 and S 8 models in the 1930s.

The prototype of the Horex Imperator with 500 cc engine was presented at IFMA 1951. Series production with a 400cc engine began in 1955; after about two years the production of the Imperator ended, last built-in cooperation with Zündapp as the Zündapp Citation for the American market.


This bike has been restored years ago. It is ready for the road and has extensive records of the done restoration including many invoices.