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Horex VR6 6 Cylinder Powered Cafe Racer Motorcycle

The new HOREX VR6 Café Racer is the serial model following on the unveiling of the exclusive special model HOREX VR6 Black Edition. The HOREX VR6 serial models are extraordinary feats of technical prowess in their own right and crafted of a quality characteristic of an exclusive, small-run series designed to make a statement.

source: horex /image(PrtSc): MOTORRAD

Utilising the innovative VR6 cylinder concept, the HOREX VR6 Café Racer features state-of-the-art CFRP lightweight technology, select high-end components, exclusive materials and top flight manufacturing quality. video by MOTORRAD

The new model is a pure single-seater and can therefore be optionally ordered with a cafe racer handlebar configuration. Otherwise, it also combines understatement with cutting-edge technologies and a unique lightweight construction concept.


The characteristic unique selling point of the HOREX continues to be the exceptional 1.2-liter six-cylinder engine in VR technology; since its revision, its power development is much more harmonious and homogeneous. The peak power is now 170 hp (125 kW) at 9,300 rpm, and the maximum torque is 138 Nm.