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Horsepower Vs Torque Simplest Explanation


Horsepower and torque are two very important concepts for the engines of cars. In addition, horsepower and torque are constantly mixed with each other. Comparisons in the form of horsepower vs torque are also frequently made and these two concepts are tried to be explained.

source.image: The Maker

In this video, we tried to explain what horsepower and torque do in cars using model cars and simple animations. By watching this video, you can learn what horsepower and torque are, what are the differences between horsepower and torque, and whether horsepower or torque is more important for cars.

Torque is the force while horsepower is the rate at which that force works. The difference in torque is doing the work, while horsepower is how fast that work gets done. The horsepower and torque, together with where each falls on a vehicle’s engine rotation per minute (rpm) range and gearing, determine a car’s speed and acceleration.


Torque is a rotating force produced by an engine’s crankshaft. The more torque an engine produces, the greater its ability to perform work. Power is how rapidly work is accomplished.