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How a Biker Club Helped Stop Bullying

For years, Phil Mick fell victim to bullying. His worrying gave him stomach aches and he began to resent going to school. Then, he got help from some unlikely angels—50 big-hearted, leather-clad bikers.

image/text credit: Great Big Story 

The United Motorcycle Enthusiasts are a brotherhood riding to do good. On Phil’s first day of middle school, they banded together to give him an unbelievable back-to-school escort, sending the message that empathy and love is always the answer.

More than 50 bikers escorted the 11-year-old to his first day at DeKalb Middle School in Waterloo, Indiana. They wanted to show the world Phil had people in his corner.


The group of bikers met Phil and his parents for breakfast before heading to DeKalb Middle School Tuesday morning. Before taking off, the group said a prayer for Phil.It’s a new beginning at a new school, and for that, Phil and his mom are thankful.Phil comes home every day smiling and he did not do that last year,” said Tammy.