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How A Gas Turbine Eninge Works, Bell 206 Helicopter

This is a brief explanation of how the gas turbine engine works that powers the Bell 206 series helicopters. Turbine engines operate of of pressurized airflow that is compressed and accelerated by the compressor and then ignited and rapidly expanded in the combustion chamber.

source/image: msfirefighter662

The expanding gases turns the turbines and powers the compressor and power turbine that transmits power to the helicopter.All jet engines, which are also called gas turbines, work on the same principle. The engine sucks air in at the front with a fan.

A compressor raises the pressure of the air. The compressor is made with many blades attached to a shaft. The blades spin at high speed and compress or squeeze the air. The compressed air is then sprayed with fuel and an electric spark lights the mixture.


The burning gases expand and blast out through the nozzle, at the back of the engine. As the jets of gas shoot backward, the engine and the aircraft are thrust forward. As the hot air is going to the nozzle, it passes through another group of blades called the turbine. The turbine is attached to the same shaft as the compressor. Spinning the turbine causes the compressor to spin.