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How Does a Monster Magnet Interact With Blood?

Beside the arguments from concentration, there’s a change in the electronic structure, from pure iron to iron in the body. Iron in the human body is mostly in blood, in hemoglobin molecules, where it binds of oxygen molecules.

image/text credit: Brainiac75

The fact that blood contains iron is one of the reasons why some people believe magnetic bracelets might have an effect on the human body. However, blood is not magnetic in a conventional sense.Isn’t It a problem to handle powerful magnets with iron in our blood?Let’s find out!

In other words, it is not ferromagnetic which is what most people understand as magnetism. If blood was ferromagnetic, then people would bleed to death or explode in MRI scanners which produce much stronger magnetic forces than those of magnetic bracelets.


Researchers in the US claim that exposing a person to a magnetic field could reduce their risk of a heart attack by streamlining the flow of blood around their body.Disclaimer:Dont try this at home!!