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How Granite Kitchen Countertops Are Fabricated

So how are granite counter tops transformed from a chunk of rock in the earth into perfectly fitting kitchen counters in your home? Well, it’s not rocket science. But the stone in the mountain does go through many steps on its way to becoming stone counters.

image credit: marioandsongranite

First, the stone is knocked off the side of a mountain in large chunks. Most granite in the US comes from far off lands like India, Brazil, and Italy. Some very rare stones, for example blue granites, are even mined under the ocean.

image credit: marioandsongranite

The large chunks are cut into blocks and the blocks are “sliced” like bread into slabs using huge saws. The slabs are numbered and kept in sequence so they are matched to each other.One side of each slab is polished with diamonds to reveal a unique and colorful face. The slabs are shipped to the US ready to be made into countertop granite.


Granite kitchen counters are fabricated. In other words, a fabricator cuts and polishes stone slabs to create custom countertops. Fabrication starts with inspection and layout of the granite slabs.

The fabricator marks on the slab where granite cracks, fissures, and imperfections are. Anything that might affect the integrity of the stone should be avoided. The templates are then placed on the slabs to find the best fit and outlined for cutting.