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How Is This Ninja 900R-Powered Custom Trike Even Legal?!

Adam’s custom AMT3 Trike powered by a Kawasaki Ninja 900r motor has got to be the most insane vehicle I’ve ever driven on the street. It feels like it should be completely illegal, it’s mind-bending fast, and it drives beautifully.

source/image: Roads Untraveled 

Other than a Kawasaki Ninja 900 motorcycle engine, this vehicle started pretty much from scratch. The power plant is most certainly a beast and this creator got to work, really building something around it that would be able to match its intensity.

image/text credit: Roads Untraveled 

The motorcycle engine revs to a staggering 12,000 RPM which, in a car, screams like an F1 car, I can assure you that. Adam built this custom tube frame, 3-wheeled vehicle at his machine shop in Vancouver, BC and has made it legal to drive on public roads. Enjoy!


The AMT3 utilizes custom coilover suspension, custom control arms, and various parts from other small sports cars.He transformed the aspects of the 900R into more of a car feel.

The contraption has a working clutch (only needed for downshift and launch), steering, turn signals, headlights, and everything else you need to make it a legal vehicle.Take a look at the video from the guys at Roads Untraveled too see what they had to say about the driving experience as well as some background on the vehicle from the chap who made it.