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How Main Hub With Swashplate Works – Main Hub of Mi-24D

Have you evered asked yourself how a helicopter flies from place A to place B? The swashplate does the magic. So, this video explains the swashplate in detail and how a swashplate works.This is short simple video shows how main hub with swashplate and tail rotor work.You can see movement of roll, pitch, collective, overall movment and tail rotor.

image credit: cygan25

A swashplate is a device that is used to transmit the pilot’s commands from the non-rotating fuselage to the rotating rotor hub and blades. The fact that the rotor blades are rotating at a very high speed makes the swashplate mechanism’s task more challenging.via(comsol)

image credit: cygan25

The mechanism consists of two main parts: a stationary and a rotating swashplate. The stationary swashplate is able to tilt in all directions and move vertically. The rotating swashplate is mounted on the stationary swashplate by means of a bearing, and is allowed to rotate with the main rotor mast.


A swashplate mechanism controls the cyclic and collective pitch of the rotor blades. The cyclic pitch of the rotor blades is used to change a helicopter’s roll and pitch.

To tilt the helicopter forward, the difference of lift around the blades should be at a maximum along the left-right plane, creating a torque that, due to the gyroscopic effect, will tilt the helicopter forward instead of sideways. This is accomplished by tilting the swashplate assembly through pushrods.