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How Much Load Capacity Can a Timber Post Actually Carry


In the video, we investigate timber posts and their carrying capacity. The video starts with an explanation of the general failure modes of columns. Further emphasis is cast on buckling and the Euler critical buckling formula.

source/image: The Engineering Hub

The buckling formula is investigated and explained with simple and intuitive examples. The video concludes with the calculation of the carrying capacity as per the design codes and compares that with the analytical capacity obtained for a perfect column.Watch the video from The Engineering Hub:

The column will remain straight for loads less than the critical load. The critical load is the greatest load that will not cause lateral deflection (buckling).


For loads greater than the critical load, the column will deflect laterally. The critical load puts the column in a state of unstable equilibrium. A load beyond the critical load causes the column to fail by buckling.

SOURCEThe Engineering Hub
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