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How To Build a Unique Rustic Walnut Slab Farm House Dining Table

There is no better way to give thanks than to gather family and friends around an enormous table to share a feast. A farmhouse table would be the perfect spot. You could make one out of construction lumber and ordinary hardware in a couple of days. If you can handle a circular saw and a chisel, you can do this. Farmers used to build these tables themselves, not furniture makers or carpenters, so it’s okay if it turns out a bit rustic.

image/text credit: YouCanMakeThisToo

This rustic, hand scraped, douglas fir dining table has a smooth textured feel. The legs are timber frame trusses, with all traditional mortice and tenon joints. Iron stays, with turnbuckles, brace each pair of legs to the table top. This is a very solid piece of furniture.

You don’t need many tools to make a slab table like this. You could do it with just a sander, drill, jigsaw, and chisels!I use my circular saw, router, and bandsaw because I have them, but they can be substituted with the other tools.


This modern dining table is the perfect example of how a raw piece of wood is left mostly intact to create a dramatic piece of furniture.If you want to make something like this but don’t have a slab of wood large enough to become a dining table, consider making stools and side tables using the same technique.