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How To Build A 110cc Motorised DIY Drift Trike


If you want to know how to build a drift trike and think it sounds like a fun idea, it might be a better option than buying one. Not only will you end up saving some cash, but the experience of crafting it yourself could be fun and rewarding.

source.image: HennyButabi

A 90cc or 110cc motor will have plenty enough power and will be a cheaper option than bigger motors. In this video you see me building a DIY 110cc drift trike. After seeing some videos of other builds online I wanted to build my own version.

And I am very happy with the result. It looks cool and drives very well.The motor I used is from a small 110cc ATV, front fork comes from a Honda CBR 600 and the rear axle is from a child size kart.


The motor has plenty of power for this application. As you can see in the video it’s a lot of fun to drive, but we still need a lot of practice.