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How To Build a Digital Microscope At Home Using A Webcam


This is an awesome DIY project about a USB digital microscope using a webcam which magnifies microscopic organisms such as bacteria, cheek cells, onion cell nucleus, etc.. using low-cost lenses. Because lenses which are used for magnifying the above organisms costs much.

source/image: The Q

For this project you need few pieces of cardboard, a torch and webcam with manual focul, all you need – install the lens by the reverse side and build a body for your future microscope. As better webcam you have – better picture you get!

Place a glass or clear acrylic slide over the central hole. Place a petal or another object on the slide and plug in the webcam. Turn on the torch to backlight your object. You can also use a bright desk lamp, just make sure it has a filament bulb as a bulb with an LED will give you a flickering image.


There should now be an image on the computer’s webcam viewer software. The microscope’s focus can be changed by raising or lowering the upper platform a few millimetres by Loosening or Tightening of a Nut or Bolt.