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How To Build A Gorgeous Looking Wooden Desk Lamp

Desk lamps might be a dime a dozen, but finding one like is surprisingly hard. YouTuber Creativity Hero shows off one method to make your own with a few chunks of wood.The general design here is just a few pieces of wood, but you can obviously customize that portion however you see fit.

image credit:  Creativity Hero

Fascinating decors can be crafted out of their resource, beautiful and inexpensive DIY wood lamp designs can be materialized out of twigs and branches without sacrificing the entire leaving creature.

Simple tools are required along with patience, care and dedication, you can use finished elements like planks or raw ensemble of twigs to tailor your lighting fixture and you can be sure that wood can be infused in any design line if manipulated carefully, it will thrive and emphasize your line.


You can also find some free time for yourself or even invite someone else to help you and gather materials then craft your own handmade lamp that will cost you a lot less, if nothing at all than the one that you are going to buy from the store.


1. Solid wood board 3 cm wide, 3 cm thick:
– 2 x 27 cm
– 1 x 20 cm
– 1 x 17 cm
– 1 x 11 cm
– 1 x 8 cm
– 1 x 6 cm
– 1 x 3 cm

2. Solid wood board 1 cm wide, 1 cm thick:
– 4 x 20 cm
– 8 x 13 cm

3. Frame support 5 cm wide, 13 cm long,4. Paper 21 cm wide, 62 cm long,5. Linen fabric 23 cm wide, 63 cm long