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How To Build a Minimalist Chair Out Of Plywood

Plywood furniture is a kind of furniture that can be integrated in many styles. It is simple and bright and it makes the space warmer and brighter. Many designers experiment with this material and make very interesting and creative furniture designs.

source/image: lignum

I started by drawing a design in auto cad and and printing the plans. I drew the plan on 18 mm birch plywood and cut out the first piece. After sanding the edges, I traced the outline of first piece three more times. All pieces are routed to same dimension as the original piece. lignum

I used ordinary acetate d3 glue to glue two and two pieces together. For back rest and seat, I used 160 cm x 50 x 18 cm plywood piece which was routed alternately one side then the other.


This way you can curve the board in very small radiuses.20 mm groove is routed using flat end milling bit along the seat and the back rest. Routed plywood board is then glued along the groove in between two side pieces./ lignum