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How To Build An Wooden Adirondack Chair

Create a 5 degree angle cut to establish the pitch for your Adirondack chair. This chair sits more upright than traditional Adirondacks, to make it easier to get in and out of.


Scooped rails make chairs more comfortable to sit in. To make a scooped rail, make your marks and cut the scoop section away with a jigsaw. Use this as a template for your other rails and connect them to your frame.

For the slats for the back of your chair, attach the outer slats first, then attach the inner slats.Clamp a dowel on one side, bend it across to the back of the chair and secure on the other side.


Trace along this arc, detach the slats and cut along the lines to create the rounded top to the back of your Adirondack chair.