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How to Build Pirate Ship from Matches Without Glue

Matches can be used for multiple reasons, The Q decided to make a unique match craft.The matchstick Pirate Ship from Matches looks fabulous and is great fun to make!It is definitely creative and does not need any glue, but for this video, they used a total of 89 match cubes.

image/text credit: The Q

More and more people are beginning to get involvedmanufacture of crafts from matches. They find a reassuring many-hour process of creating large and small structures out of them.

Most often, in order to connect the consumables to each other, glue is used, but some craftsmen figured out how to manage without it. At the same time, such a figure will hold very tight and will not crumble, if it is picked up.


Whether the project I’m making is decorative, practical, or even just for fun in its final product, I usually have more fun making things if the materials I’m using are ones that people wouldn’t necessarily think to transform into something else. My most recent unconventional crafting obsession? Matchsticks!