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How to Build Unique Multi Level Aquarium

A number of fish in an aquarium will require that there be enough room to allow the fish to move around the tank openly, and to give them enough room can sometimes can be difficult. This uniqe aquarium will allow you to have a large number of fish, while giving them the area they need to live happily and healthy.

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In this video I show you how to build unique multi level aquarium from acrylic glass. All needed measurments are included! You and all your friends will be excited about your new amazing aquarium!Let’s use shapes here when creating a multilevel fish tank.

The first step in creating a multilevel aquarium is to first decide on the measurements that you want to use.Let’s take the shape of An “L” and use this as our multilevel aquarium.


once you have attached all pieces and allowed to dry, be sure to add water to the tank and look for any water that may be seeping out of the seams. If there is no water leaking, then your multilevel aquarium is ready to be used.