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How To Cut Square Glass Bottle In 3 Simple Steps

In this video I’m cutting square glass bottle by using regular glass cuter and thermal stress (hot and cold water).This step by step tutorial of how to cut square glass bottle in 3 simple steps. Using recycled empty liquor bottles that can be repurposed into a functional items.

image/text credit: Well Done Tips

First of all its need to make one nice pass with glass cutter. To do that in one straight and at the same height line, I made this simple jig from two pieces of scrap wood.Prepare some boiling and cold water. The idea is to use physics and let thermal stress to do all job. First, to heat it and after that very quickly cool down.

When heating, it’s important to heat evenly as possible all around at cut line. Cold water will make quick thermal stress and cut line will crack.Not all square bottles you will try to cut – will be done successfully.Some time you will get only a part of glass off, not full top.


To smooth the edge I used 60 grit sandpaper and wet sanded to acceptable result. To get nice finish look I finished with 280 grit sandpaper.And here is final result. No sharp edges, nice and glossy surface.