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How to Draw 3D Letter M – The Art of Drawing Optical Illusions

Three-dimensional block letters are great for use in headings and title pages and also posters. The key to making them look 3D is to give the impression that light is shining on them and casting a slight shadow.

image/text credit: Drawing 3D Art 

It can be a little tricky to master, so here’s a breakdown on how to create this effect.The process involves drawing the initial capital M.

Perspective in general is very important. Perspective techniques helps you create depth into your art pieces, and in fact into any of your flat work (anything on paper).


You can use 3D lettering to create a striking nameplate for your desk or door, or a poster with a message or a quotation to hang in your room, to name a few. Sketching 3D letters on paper requires a primary understanding of geometrical drawing. You also need to understand how to add a shadow to it.